Vaagai Sooda Vaa

Vaagai Sooda Vaa



The Story is set in the rural backdrop of 1966. It'll be a film which portrays realistic atmosphere of that era with A. Sarkunam's touch of humor.
In this film we are digging out the customs and rituals which were there and disappeared due to waves of time. For example, salt sold on donkeys, catching foxes with chicken traps, a fish
which is beleived to climb palm trees in rains, steamed rice cakes made in clay vessels. We are also recreating characters of kids who can identify the type fish just by looking at the bubbles it makes, post woman who brings a spear along with her for protection, a man who keeps calculating fluctuating rates of donkeys and mules, heroine who sells tea for 2 paise and an educated hero who is very adamant on becoming a teacher in a government school.

Direction: A.Sarkunam

Production: Village Theatres

Starring: Vimal, Iniya

Music: M.Ghibran


1. Senga Soola Kaara

Singer: Anitha

2. Sara Sara Saara Kaathu

Singer: Chinmayi

3. Thanjavuru Maadathi

Singer: Jayamurthy

4. Poraney Poraney

Singer: Ranjith, Neha Bhasin

5. Thaila Thaila

Singer: Rita

6. Aana Aavanna

Singer: Children's Choir

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