Sonnaa Puriyaadhu

Sonnaa Puriyaadhu


Sonnaa Puriyaadhu is an upcoming Tamil movie, directed by Krishnan Jayaraj and Music composed by debut composer Yathish Mahadev.

“This a film can be watched with family, from start till the end there are moments to make you laugh I guarantee” says Krishnan Jayaraj who has directed many advertorials Shiva comes as a dubbing artist for languages and film, why he avoids and runs away from marriage will not be understood by others even if it is said (Sonnaa Puriyaadhu) forms the one-liner

Direction: Krishnan Jayaraj

Production: 360 Degree Film Corporation

Starring: Shiva, Vasundhara Kashyap

Music: Yathish Mahadev


1. Kelu Magane
Singer: Jagadhish
2. Gaaliyana Saalaiyil
Singer: S.P.Charan, Chinmayi
3. Devadhaiya Raatchasiya
Singer: Ranjith
4. Un Tholil Saindhu
Singer: MK.Balaji
5. Theme Music of Sonnaa Puriyaadhu
Singer: NA
6. Ayyoyo Poche
Singer: MK.Balaji, Yathish Mahadev
7. Sagaroo
Singer: NA
8. Dance To It
Singer: NA

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